Breaking News: GeeBee DP1 on it’s way

Today we bring something new that should soon be in Brazilian endurance races: the debut of the GeeBee DP1 prototype from the Casarini family. News recently emerged about the development of this prototype, which will be equipped with a Maserati V8 engine and a Hewland 6-speed sequential transmission, using a Fuel Tech FT600 and a PDM32 from AiM for management.

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Under development by GT Race Cars since 2015, the GeeBee DP1 appears to draw inspiration from the GT1 and GTP models from the late 90s, and follows a philosophy that is partly reminiscent of the MCR Grand Am, another Brazilian prototype built based on an Italian GT powertrain (for the MCR, a Lamborghini V10). At the front end, we can see the radiator air inlet (1), with the opening on the hood to ventilate hot air (2). Furthermore, we can see the openings of the front wheel arches, with louvres (3).

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In this image we can see the mounting position of the radiator (4), positioned over the splitter/diffuser (5). Furthermore, the model uses 18” wheels with a central nut (6), and has doors with scissor-type opening (7), like the GT1s of the late 2000s.

Adapted from: Disclaimer.

At the rear end, the model has a diffuser (8) that takes the entire width of the bodywork, and the rear upper body has a duck tail spoiler (9), which work together with the rear wing to generate downforce.

At the time of closing this publication, we had not received feedback from the team regarding which championships the new car will compete in, however, due to the configuration, the model would be eligible for Endurance Brasil, Gaúcho de Endurance and Road to 1,000 Milhas, in addition to events such as 1,000 Milhas and 500 km of São Paulo.

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