Endurance Brasil: Every make and model of touring car

In the early years of Endurance Brasil, touring cars shared the grid with the Prototypes and GTs that are present in the grid until today. Due to the evolution of the championship, the touring car classes were dropped from the technical regulations from 2018 onwards, with most of the cars of this specification migrating to the Super Turismo Gaúcho Championship, which had its inaugural season in 2017.

In the 2015 season, there were classes T1 (Turismo 1 – touring cars up to 1.600 cm³, original gearbox), T2 (Turismo 2 – touring cars up to 2.100 cm³ aspirated, original gearbox), which were an evolution of the VI and VII classes of the Gaúcho Endurance, in addition to the TS (Turismo Super – touring cars up to 2.100 cm³, with the possibility of sequential gearbox). In 2016, the T1 and T2 classes were merged into the T (Touring) class and finally, in 2017, all touring-type models competed in an unified T class.

Chevrolet Celta

In the inaugural season of Endurance Brasil, racer Paulo Silva Jr.’s Chevrolet Celta participated in the opening race, classified as a TS car, completing the race in 25th position overall, and 2nd in its class.

Chevrolet Corsa B

One of the notable figures among Brazilian touring cars in the 2015 and 2016 seasons were the first generation Chevrolet Corsa manufactured in Brazil (the so-called Corsa B), such as car #52 of Pedro Ávila and Tamar Peretti, which was a constant figure in the seasons 2015 and 2016.

Ford Escort Mk4

Another presence in the first stage of the 2015 championship was the Escort of driver Telmo Jr, completing the race in third position in the TS class.

Ford Fiesta Mk4

Another frequent competitor in the early years of Endurance Brasil was the Ford Fiesta from the trio of Edi Postal, Eric Postal and Giancarlo Scomazzon, who became champions of the T2 category in 2015.

Volkswagen Beetle

Even the old Beetle was a regular at the initial phase of the championship, with some units participating in the T1 classes in 2015 and some participating in 2016 in the TS class.

Volkswagen Gol G2

A frequent figure on Brazilian tracks, the Volkswagen Gol was a common sight in the initial phase of Endurance Brasil, especially in the three generations built on the AB9 platform, such as the model owned by drivers Daniel Elias and Luis Sena Jr, who won several races in the T2 class in 2015.

Volkswagen Gol G3

The third generation of the Gol was also represented at Endurance Brasil, as the champion model of the TS class in 2016.

Volkswagen Gol G4

The fourth generation of the Volkswagen Gol was also represented at Endurance Brasil, also marking the last title given for cars of this type in 2017, for the duo Juarez and Ricardo Terres.

Volkswagen Gol G5

Finally, the fifth generation of the VW Gol was also present. Built on the PQ24 platform, the “New Gol” was the car that took two drivers whose history is already an integral part of Brazilian endurance, the duo Aldoir Sette and Marçal Müller, to the T1 class title in 2015. This car continues to be active in endurance events such as the Super Turismo Gaúcho, nowadays equipped with a Honda K20 engine and Sadev sequential transmission, achieving victories in important events such as the 6 Hours of Guaporé.

Volkswagen Golf Mk4

The fourth generation Golf is another one of those rare sights on Brazilian tracks, despite the fame obtained by the GTI version as one of the fastest Brazilian cars of its time alongside the Fiat Marea Turbo and Audi A3 1.8 Turbo. Perhaps due to the lack of championships focused on this range of vehicles, it wasn’t common to see them on the track, but a big exception was the Golf prepared by Kratina Racing, which participated in Endurance Brasil between the 2015 and 2017 seasons, driven by names like Gustavo Dal Bosco , Airton Diehl, Cristina Rosito and Arthur Caleffi.

Volkswagen Passat B1

One of the classics of Brazilian motorsport, the first generation Passat has a long history in endurance races, including victories in iconic events such as the Mil Milhas. Decades after its golden era, the model still made good appearances in Endurance Brasil, mainly at the hands of the great Niltão Amaral and his iconic Passat Canhão.

Volkswagen Voyage G5

Less frequent than its brother Gol, the Voyage on the PQ24 platform was also present in the 2016 season, in the hands of the trio Telmo Jr., Silvio Lodi and Alessandro Pedoni.

Volvo C30

A “stranger” in the nest of Brazilian touring cars, the Volvo C30 from the MC Tubarão team has a peculiar history. Developed by the team at the request of Eurobike, Volvo’s representative in the Brazil, for a single- make category that ended up being canceled before it even started, due to the 2008 crisis, this Volvo C30 was converted into an endurance car, with several participations in championships and races. like the 12 Hours of Tarumã. In Endurance Brasil, it was driven by names like Cícero Paiva, Júlio Martini and Rodrigo Bacher, the latter who became champion of the TS category aboard the Swedish hatch in the 2015 season.

All the champions

All the race winners

I would like to take this opportunity to leave a note of thanks to the work of Niltão Amaral from Blog do Passatão, who kept records of the results of the initial seasons of Endurance Brasil, which were of inestimable value in collecting the statistics for this publication

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