Breaking News: Super Veloce Unico

The Super Veloce Unico was recently presented, an interesting Brazilian single-seater developed for the tracks. Conceived as a Track Day car, the Unico was developed jointly by Rafael Spindola, founder of the Super Veloce Club (a club to bring together owners of Ferrari and Lamborghini models) and renowned designer Adhemar Cabral.

The car will have a central driving position similar to a open wheel, and will be custom built for each customer, with seats, steering wheel and several other personalized configurations. The goal is that the model, made of carbon fiber, will weigh just 450 kg, and that it will be equipped with a very light powertrain, which has not yet been announced.

First impressions

From the first images released, we can see the front splitter (1), which has two trapezoidal air intakes (2) and two pass through openings (2). Furthermore, the LED optical set stands out, which combines fillets and circular elements.


The Unico also comes equipped with a semi-windshield (5) and a HALO (6), reminiscent of the solution found on the MC Tubarão XI and XII prototypes.


The colling air intake are positioned on the side of the car in a very forward position (7), and the rear features two dorsal fins that follow the shape of the rear fairing (8).


The rear wheel arches have small rectangular ventilation openings (9), and the engine cover has ventilation grilles (10).


The front wheel arches have a slot in the rear region for ventilation (11). At the rear, there is an upper spoiler that runs the entire width of the car, in addition to two smaller spoilers positioned over the rear fairing. Finally, the diffuser (13) occupies the entire length of the rear track, featuring quite a steep angle. The diffuser also has two small flow separators.


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