Sigma P2 G5

In 2023, Sigma P1 Engenharia presented a new configuration for the Sigma G5 prototype, developed within the Brazilian endurance P2 regulations.

Keeping all the passive safety elements of the P1 spec, the Sigma P2 was created as fast-yet-low cost prototype option, to be used also in regional championships such as Gaúcho de Endurance, Paulista de Automobilismo and one-off races as the 500 km of São Paulo, 1.000 Milhas of Interlagos and 500 Milhas of Londrina between others.

Powertrain & Chassis

One of the biggest changes moving from P1 ato P2 specifications is in the engine: while the P1 uses a combination of a 7-liter Chevrolet V8 engine with an Xtrac P1152 transaxle (the same as the LMP3), the P2 model is equipped with an Audi 1.9 Turbo engine ( prepared by Overboost) combined with a 6-speed Ricardo transaxle (the same type used by Indy Lights, and already used in the Sigma G2 and Tubarão XI).

In this picture we can see the turbocharger applied to the Audi 1.9 Turbo engine. 📷@preciosafotografia

Furthermore, the Sigma P2 uses aluminum wheels produced using the flow forming process, with equal measurements at the front and rear.

Detail of the Sigma P2 wheels. The same wheel model is used at the front of the Sigma P1 G5. 📷@preciosafotografia


As for aerodynamics, the base is the same package as the Sigma P1 G5, but with several elements taking inspiration from other generations of Sigma prototypes.

The front end of the Sigma P2 bears many similarities to the P1 version. 📷@preciosafotografia

At the front, the nose (1) and splitter (2) maintain the same design as the P1 version, differing by the presence of a simple element on the front wing (3), similar to the concept of the Sigma G1 and G2. Furthermore, the wheel arches have Big Honking Holes (4) instead of the louvres present on the P1 prototype.

Detail of the brake cooling ducts and suspension elements of the Sigma P2.📷@preciosafotografia

Still at the front, we can see the F1-style air intakes, similar to the one already used in the Sigma G5.

Side view of the Sigma P2 approaching the S do Senna entrance. 📷@preciosafotografia

Moving on to the side view of the prototype, the differences between P1 and P2 are few, mainly with the larger mirrors and the absence of the shark fin, reminiscent of the concept used until the Sigma G4.

The rear wing of the Sigma P2 is the same as the Sigma G1, but mounted higher and with different endplates. 📷@preciosafotografia

Moving on to the rear section of the car, the most obvious difference is the rear wing, which has the same configuration used on the Sigma G1 to G3 with two elements and supported by the lower surface, but working in conjunction with the diffuser in the G5 configuration:

View of the Sigma P2’s diffuser, where we can see the extension of the tunnels that run along the car’s floor. 📷@preciosafotografia

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