The New Era of LMP3: Toyota Engines, Challenges and Opportunities – part 2: Adess AD25

One of the manufacturers seeking to gain share in the LMP3 market is the Portuguese Adess with the AD25, the evolution of the 03 Evo launched in 2019. To accommodate the new engine, the entire cooling system was revised, including the intercooler system, and to this end the aerodynamic package has also been revised.


For example, the sidepods were completely redesigned, losing the bargeboards (1), and adopting a more “square” design, with louvres (2) to exhaust the hot air from the radiators/intercoolers. A subtle evolution also took place in the front headlights (3), which feature a new design.


The exhausts also changed position, moving from the base of the sidepod (4a) to the engine cover (4b). By the way, the engine cover is completely new, with louvres (5) close to the dorsal fin and also to the exhaust outlets (6). The rear wheel arches were also redesigned, with the brake air intake being placed in a more perpendicular position in relation to the car (7a and 7b).


In addition to the aerodynamic developments, the bellhousing was redesigned due to the new engine, with a completely new design of the rear suspension following as well.

In a statement to, the CEO of Adess, Stéphane Chosse, stated that the new car should begin testing in Estoril in two weeks, and is betting on construction quality and technical support capacity as strong points to win new customers in the various championships.


ADESS AD25 LMP3. Available at:

ADESS Aiming To Make Gains In LMP3 Marketplace With AD25. Available at:

ADESS unveils its AD25 LMP3. Available at:

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